I believe in you

Posted on: 26 February 2012

I Believe In You, by Marianne Richmond

I wish I didn’t nag my daughters so much. I truly believe in their power to make good choices and do the right thing. As winter drags on, however, there seem to be too many days when, for instance, the walk to the Y becomes an endurance test because we have left the house with only one mitt or no hat, or someone’s lips are raw from licking and lack of lip balm use!

I Believe In You is one parent’s lovely collection of positive, encouraging thoughts for children. It touches on all the themes that are important to us these days – telling the truth, not letting other people’s moods dictate our feelings, and being responsible for our actions. Sometimes life’s challenges can weigh like a huge anchor, so it’s good to have a book like this to strengthen the most important messages I can share with Elizabeth and Sophie. I believe in each of them; their job is to become the best person they can be and I will be there to support them. This book is highly recommended.


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