The Games and Some Lessons of Summer

Posted on: 4 August 2012

Hurray, the 2012 Summer Games have begun! What a fantastic opening ceremony — we look forward to the amazing display of sports (and good sportsmanship) to come over the next two weeks. Here are some of our favourite moments from these games so far –

Day 1 – Men’s doubles rowing heat
A Canadian team was winning this heat, having pulled ahead early and the commentators observed the tension building up in one of the rowers shoulders and arms. Feeling very happy about their victory Elizabeth observed “Well, they can take it slower when they are rowing back (to the start).”

Also Day 1 – Women’s basketball

Things were looking very promising for the Canadian women’s first game against Russia. However, the Russians proved too much in the final minutes beating our team by a 4 or 5 point margin. Sportsmanship is so key to all we do in life. Learning how to lose is such a hard lesson. Kudos to these women who, although disappointed, played as a team and accepted the outcome. This is a big and important lesson  — thank you ladies for showing us how to do it gracefully!

Day 6 – Sport unknown (overheard from upstairs)

Anil – “I can’t believe he just did that!!!”

Elizabeth – “OOOHHHHH!”

Also Day 6 – Practising for the 20?? Olympics at the Riverdale Pool – sister synchronized jumping event

Elizabeth  – “Sophie, that one was not the best, but the entry was clean.”

Day 8 – Trampoline

Canada’s first gold medal is won by Rosie MacLennan! Hurray! We are so proud of the people representing our country!

We are loving the Olympics, although it has combined with our few days vacation travelling in Ontario to put our regular reading on hold. I don’t really mind: there are so many great lessons and ideas these Olympics are encouraging, I think this is also time well spent.

Hope you have been able to enjoy some of the Olympics too. Feel free to leave us a comment with your favorite Olympic story.


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