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Jumping Jenny by Ellen Bari. Illustrated by Raquel Garcia Macia

It is interesting to see what stories or part of a story will resonate with your child. It is not always what you would expect.

Last year Elizabeth’s Taekwondo class had a kick-a-thon to raise money for the Strong Kids Campaign at the YMCA. In school, her class participated in the Jump Rope for Heart campaign; the school also had a parent council donation request (new school equipment), a loonie-a-button (funds for earthquake victims in Japan), bake sale (to support the grade 8’s class trip), etc., etc. Each of these is a well-intentioned and meaningful effort, but sometimes (and I’m sure I’m not the only parent to think this) the amount of child fundraising seems almost too much! Still, it is good for kids to recognize how they can help make things better and certainly in this day and age raising money for good causes is a regular activity for children.

In this book, Jenny’s class is preparing to help out a sister school in Africa. She sets a goal for herself to make 1,000 jumps on her pogo stick even though she has only made it as high as 250 previously. Jenny has had some rough times with others not appreciating her jumping but she determines to use her ability to help raise money through collecting pledges for each jump. I love the message in this story. Elizabeth connected to the jumping (skipping rope has been a new and much enjoyed activity this past summer). Sophie connected with the number 1,000 and now points it out whenever we see it (or a number with some similarity like 100, 10,000, etc), so we all connected with this story in some way.

I think the overall message was to remind us how our actions can make a difference everyday. This book comes highly recommended by the three of us!