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Two great things about fall are the proliferation of new books (just in time for holiday giving) and the number of book awards which ensure our reading lists are overflowing with interesting choices. For adults — the Giller Prize, Toronto Book Awards, and Man Booker Prize provide reading recommendations, and the public library makes it possible to get all these great reads.

For children there are also reading programs that can recommend reading choices that will appeal to your child. Here are some links to some interesting reading programs for children:

I’m also a fan of the Toronto Public Library blog Growing A Reader. When you don’t have the time or the inclination to roam and discover in the library, these kinds of programs are sure to help you find something good.

In the spirit of this fall’s new releases and to give you some of my daughters’ top picks, this week we want to suggest you add the following three titles to your reading list:

My Rhinoceros
Elizabeth was crestfallen with the thought of having to return this one to the public library, so it may be a book we end up adding to our home library. It touches on (truly) exotic pets so it is a good starting point for a discussion of why it is important for animals to live in their natural habitat and/or what kinds of things to keep in mind when getting a pet. It is a lovely, silly story of a young boy and his rhinoceros. Does this rhino pop balloons? Does he poke holes in kites? Has the boy gotten a clunker of a pet? Have a read to find out!

The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School
This story has a great rythming pace and is an action-packed twist on the classic. I find it lots of fun to read aloud and I bet you will too!

My girls do lots of drawing so they were bound to like this one. It has the same zany appeal shared by our other two recommendations. Young Harvey doesn’t believe the calendar note or his mom’s warning to NOT doodle on this day. So with his imagination on full force he makes doodle after doodle trying to correct the initial problem created when he draws a gigantic fly. Eventually his mom must come to the rescue and a lesson is learned (or is it?) about the dangers that creative people face on… Doodleday!

We can’t wait to discover what other new (and new to us) stories are waiting to be read. Please feel free to share the good new books you have encountered and keep us all reading!