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11 Experiments That Failed by Jenny Offill & Nancy Carpenter

Bernadette in the Doghouse, by Susan Glickman

On a recent drive over the Grandma’s house, Elizabeth (7 years old) decided to quiz Sophie (almost 5 years old) on some math questions.  Sophie held her own, providing some pretty creative answers. To end that session Elizabeth concluded with some exasperation, “Sophie! You have so much to learn!”

Most days spent with my daughters have at least a few moments when I am struck by that same notion of there being so, so, so much more to learn. This feeling may be invoked from my daughters constantly changing personalities or by a reminder of some long ago stored away school information or by a science fact that I never really truly understood. Luckily there is the Internet and Anil is also a pretty reliable source of facts so there is a fair share of referrals going on!

Young children seem to love science and all the questions about how the world operates, so we were all pretty happy to sit down for 11 Experiments That Failed, and we weren’t disappointed! This young lady has some pretty zany ideas and who doesn’t occasionally wonder – could you live on snow and ketsup? What would happen if you tried to grow something in your brother’s old sneaker?  I’m not sure if this book will quell or fuel Elizabeth’s future investigations (our freezer has more experiments than food in it currently). This book (re)introduced us all to the word hypothesis, so we will likely  see this activity continue!

At the same time we wrere also reading a chapter book about a third grader named Bernadette who identifies herself as a young scientist – Bernadette in the Doghouse.  The added complexity of this book was how much more complicated friendships are beginning to become for girls her age. Along with the world of science, these are deep waters to navigate. It was nice to have a story so Elizabeth understands that she is not alone when friend A says something bad about friend B or friend C says she doesn’t want to play with her today.

Here is to hoping that the coming new year is a time of wonderful discoveries in science and friendly friendship for girls (and boys) all over the world!