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Just imagine how my heart rejoiced when Sophie announced she wants to go as Word Girl this Halloween. This is an incredible decision for a girl who has been all princesses and fairies for the last two years! As someone who would rather read than watch TV, it seems a bit strange that something called Word Girl originated as an animated children’s TV series, not as books (according to Wikipedia). All this to say we haven’t actually read a Word Girl book yet, but we have seen her occasionally on TV and recently got a DVD from the library that featured her in some Halloween episodes. In one of the episodes Word Girl’s friend dresses as Word Girl for trick-or-treating. Word Girl’s superhero identity, similar to Superman’s, is never revealed even to those closest to her “regular” self.

Even though it has proven impossible to find a ready-made costume, I’m continuing my hunt for a orange cape, because this blogging mama is pretty pleased about this development. I’m ambivalent about TV and video (while it turns my daughters into viewing zombies, it allows me to actually get some things done), but I can’t deny some of it has value. The television episode of Arthur (another of my favourites) that features the school cafeteria lady’s diagnosis with cancer comes to my mind as an incredibly educational and lovely example of quality programming. In the case of Word Girl, I think it is creating an excellent character role model – what’s not to love about a girl who can fly, has a monkey side-kick and a special talent of introducing interesting words?!?

This character, whether in book or animated form, is helping to reinforce the importance of words with my daughters. Word Girl(s) Everywhere – You Rule!

[Update] Here is a Halloween photo of Word Girl –