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The Eraserheads, by Kate Banks. Pictures by Boris Kulikov

The amount of plastic, battery-depleting and usually-pink stuff we have amassed with two children often feels overwhelming. While I fantasize about making a big sweep and getting rid of a few full bags, I don’t. I can’t stand:

(1) the idea of all that contributing to landfill (let’s be honest, even if it makes a trip to the Goodwill, it’s plastic–it’s going to outlast us all!)
(2) the guaranteed question, “Mom, do you know where my [blank] which I really love [even though I haven’t wanted it for months] is?”

As some observant visitors have noted — our home is full of stuff! I console myself with the idea that this is because we have no basement, so everything is visible in our living space (or crammed in a closet!)

The book Eraserheads gave us a new slant on plastic stuff – here are an alligator, pig and owl with imaginations (no batteries required). They make the story and help their young artist owner create details and adventure. This book made me wonder about the possibilities of our relationship to our stuff. It is an usual story that the girls enjoyed and Elizabeth picked up to read out loud on her own following our first read together. Maybe this book will inspire us to breathe a new life of adventure into something from our collection of stuff during the cold, dark winter months that loom ahead. Who knows?

What unexpected piece of stuff has sparked your child’s imagination lately?