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Ivy + Bean – No News Is Good News by Annie Barrows & Sophie Blackall

Elizabeth, Sophie and I are about to embark on a new adventure – two months of summer vacation together! In recognition of this new three-of-us together model, Elizabeth and Sophie are contributing to this blog post. Each of us is looking forward to our own vision of what this summer will be…

Cathy: getting time to connect with each of my daughters in a way not possible during too short weekends, with (too many!) scheduled activities.

Elizabeth: sleeping in, no dictée and “my birthday is the next one in the family!”

Sophie: spending time with Lizzy, missing my daycare friends and (maybe) cracking the code to learn to ride a two-wheeler by myself!

Thanks to our local book bank, we’ve acquired a few books in a series that is one of our “old” favourites, first discovered through the public library — Ivy + Bean! Author Annie and illustrator Sophie can’t create these stories fast enough, but when Ivy & Bean – No News Is Good News became available this past spring, it encouraged us to re-read some of the previous adventures we had already enjoyed. They were just as fun the second time around! These stories are chapter books with occasional illustrations. Like many good books, you will frequently find yourself looking forward to the next opportunity to read more!

C: Which character do you like best?

E: Ivy

S: Yeah, Ivy

[This surprised to me. Both girls seemed to like the character who they describe as neater and more proper. Maybe because it is frequently Ivy’s imaginative and creative sides that cause the adventures to unfold!]

C: If you were to join in their next adventure what do you think it should be about?

S: Hotdog buns or bananas

E: Tiny, tiny beans or crickets, baby crickets

[This interview took place over breakfast. Sophie’s mind was obviously influenced by other forces!]

If you haven’t yet enjoyed these adventures, the stories are about two 7-year old girls who live on the same street. They are different enough that they never thought they would become friends — but they are! These are hilarious adventures involving dance, babysitters, ghosts, small individual wax-wrapped cheeses, mud volcanos, and more!

We also recently discovered a similar type of book series –  Heidi Heckelbeck has a secret. The author of this series has had four books published so far this year (!). Even though the library only has access to two of the books so far, if you need some additional good reading for this summer, it is worth checking out. Enjoy!