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Forget-Me-Not Beautiful Buttercup by Michael Broad

I’m so glad the wise young women in Elizabeth’s after-school program informed me that it was Anti Bullying Week – Nov 14-18 in the UK and arranged a day for the kids to colour pictures and talk about bullying. This is an issue that sometimes seems low on the parental radar, but can raise it’s negative influence and become all encompassing the second it is impacting your child. Guarding against it is one of the reasons we enrolled Elizabeth in Taekwondo and is also why we are interested in hearing ideas to support building self confidence. We see, through Elizabeth’s attending public school, how much schools try to communicate around this issue (it will NOT be tolerated). At least at the elementary level, students hear messages to make them feel they can raise issues that occur.

In thinking about this blog I ran across efforts to create an equivalent national awareness Anti-Bullying Day here in Canada – December 16. By luck, early this week Sophie was at home sick with pink eye, giving us the opportunity to see a discussion session on TVO Kids with a representative from Kids Help Phone and young people phoning in to talk about this isue. All of this awareness is a without a doubt a good thing.

Forget-Me-Not: Beautiful Buttercup touches gently on this topic. I think that any book that approachs a serious topic like bullying, but lets the readers and listeners draw their own conclusions, can be more powerful than simple preaching. Sophie, for one, appreciates the importance of being a good friend and had a very positive response to the characters in the book.

This is a story with colourful illustrations about a young elephant and a warthog. The warthog is the littlest of her litter and subjected to taunts of “teeny-tiny-ugly-wugly”. Her friendship with the elephant and their resulting actions just go to show how – we are all different, some in ways more visible than others and we all contribute in our own ways. It is a story of how to embrace and appreciate others despite their differences. The elephant and the warthog do just that – much to everyone’s appreciation in the end. There is a good “sticking up for what you believe in” message in this book, and a reminder of the power of friendship. Enjoy!